Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why Ask?

You must be wondering why in the world I want to ask questions that will most likely be lost among the now approaching 1 billion websites. The answer is simple, I have to try.

The famous genius, Albert Einstein said;

"This world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

I don't want to be part of the reason this world is dangerous. I choose not to stand by and watch as the people living on this once heavenly planet lead it to its apocalyptic end. I'm not just referring to Global warming, I know thats what comes to most of your minds when I mention apocalypse. Either that, or an alien invasion. The chances of the latter are slim, but the truth is, even I don't know how or when this world will end. What I do know is that we can at least try not to be the reason this world does end.

If I really try and think of it, no matter how this world ends, it will no doubt be the fault of us humans. Depending on your religious affiliation, or lack of it, the reason for your conclusion may be different. It could be coz of ignoring the 10 commandments, engaging in the seven sins, not following the Sharia, not minding our carbon emission or meddling in the business of aliens. I'll be honest with you, I believe it will be divine wrath. I don't know if you believe in God or not. I do. I cant force you to. I wont. But don't you want to at least try and find out for yourself if there indeed is a God or not? Cant you not spare a moment from the many hours of your life and try to find THE purpose of your existence? You know, just in case I am right. Its like insurance. You don't know if your company will blow up in flames or not, but you cant risk it. So you buy fire insurance. Is your company more important to you than yourself? Don't you want fire insurance for yourself? Coz trust me when I say this, the flames of hell are way worse than any earthly fire. Does it not make sense to insure your hereafter? Imagine there existed an elixir that promised you anything you desired. Be it immortality, beauty, intelligence or whatever it is that you seek. I know it sounds stupid, but just humour me for a second. Wont you try and look for it? I know most will. The majority out of greed, while others driven by their curiosity. Then why in the world are you not greedy about finding GOD? Coz trust me, finding Him is more than finding any magical elixir or wand. Finding Him means attaining peace of mind, divine guidance and protection. You oughta at least try.

Well, I'm neither an experienced writer, nor a persuader. And I cant tell you what to do or not do. My only job was to inform you, the rest is all upto you.

Thanks for reading this. Please do take the time to ask yourself these questions. Till next time. Looking forward to your feedback.

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